I have been enjoying the wonderful world of web-series for a couple of days now and it got me thinking; there are web-series for every minority you can think of so why don't we have one? If we do, please let me know in the comments and I will eat these words for tomorrow's breakfast. Seriously, though, there are (NSFW) web-series about super heroes, people with a disability, geeks, video games, lesbians, gays, washed out actors, you name it. Where are the Pagans?

A web-series is a series of short episodes about a certain topic or focussing on a specific person or group, created specifically for viewing on the internet. With all the diversity and the many stereotypes we either embrace or feel the need to debunk, we could surely make a good web-series? Here are a couple of proposals for those with the ability to act, some extra funds, time and a camera:
  • [Reality-based] A teen finds an esoteric bookshop and picks up a Neo-Wiccan 101 book, leading to a journey through the many Traditions under the Pagan banner with each episode focussing on a different path.
  • [Dramatized reality or minor supernatural] A young person finds their family's Book of Shadows and in initiated into the rites of their family. We see them dealing with their newfound path in life while keeping up with school, friends and a changed worldview. The amount of supernatural might rely on the budget.
  • [Reality-based] A sort series where different (fictional) people are followed while attending the same Pagan festival. Can be humorous, as Pagan festivals tend to bring a nice erm... variety of people.
  • [Reality-based] We follow the meetings and life of a coven/grove/etc. as they go about their religion and life. Could also be a focus on a single Pagan household.
  • [Humorous reality] A series that focusses on Pagan stereotypes, one at a time, showing what these stereotypes would actually look like if they were (excessively) true. Broomstick flying, Devil worship, wanting to live in renaissance times, tree hugging, etc.
  • [Supernatural] a group of Pagans come together to battle [insert forces of evil]. Priests and Priestesses are backed by their Gods, Witches bring Magick to the table, druids rally the powers of Nature, etc.
Can you think of more Pagan web-series concepts? Is a Pagan web-series even a good idea?