I'm still recovering from being ill, and my girlfriend is still fighting through a pretty severe case of bronchitis, so  today, I'm going to let other people speak for me. I am very proud of my blog, but there are people out there who are equally or more awesome than me by far. I've done a blog round up before, but this one will be Hellenic Paganistic blogs only. Some are non-religious, some are Neo-Pagan with Hellenic flavor, some are Hellenic Polytheistic, and some are Hellenismos, but they all relate to the Theoi in some way. Some of these blogs have been silent for a while now, but they are included here because the posts they have up are fantastic sources, and I have the silent hope they will come back eventually. Do you know or write a blog that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments.
  • 4 of Wands - 4 of Wands is written by Aj Brokaw, a solitary Hellenic Pagan dedicated to Zeus and Hekate.  She's not a Reconstructionist. What she is, is a good writer who writes often and with considerable depth. I'm a great fan of her work. She's also poet, and I'm fairly jealous of that--in a good way.
  • A dead man fell from the sky - the weird title is the first sentence of one of writer Gary Corby's books about ancient Hellas. He writes mystery novels set in that time period, and he blogs about things that spilled over from his books. I am ashamed to admit I haven't read his fictional work, but I do love his blog a lot.
  • A Young Flemish Hellenist - this blog is written by someone close to me in age and location. Jonathan Agathokles is a Reconstructionist, and one who researches his blog posts very well. He's an archeology major, and it shows. That having been said, he specializes in Ancient Near East, so something, somewhere, must have gone wrong there. Or not.
  • Aspis of Ares - Pete's blog, devoted to the Lord of War Himself. Although Pete takes a few sidesteps along the way, mostly, what you see is what you get: Ares 24/7. As Ares is a Theos I have very little kharis with, reading about Him is highly educational and much appreciated.
  • Beloved in Light - I love Beloved in Light. Apollon is another Theos I have very little kharis with--beyond regular sacrifice on His sacred days--so a blog devoted almost entirely to Him is a wonderful way to research Him. Lykeia is a wonderful writer and an excellent researcher. She's also not afraid to tap into Apollon's darker aspects, something I greatly appreciate.
  • GreekReconMommy - famous for her Delphic Maxims series, Ann Hatzakis is a well respected writer, a great thinker and her blog is a wonderful resource for any Hellenic Polytheist.
  • The Shadow of Olympus - Hector Lugo, inventor of the Heliogenna, has a blog, and--unlike the Heliogenna--Lugo's blog does speak to me. Lots of information about lots of different Theoi, as well as modern practice. 
  • Hellenismo - a wonderfully researched blog with an up-to-date calendar for practice. Very helpful, and very enlightening.
  • Introspective Maenad - Thorn's eclectic blog on anything Neo-Pagan, mostly in relation to the Hellenic pantheon, and Dionysos above all.
  • Kallisti - Kaye and I do not always see eye-to-eye on Hellenismos, but that sure isn't a reason to stay away from either Baring the Aegis or Kallisti. It's a good, honest, informative blog, written by a good, honest, and informed woman. 
  • Of Thespia - For an Eros worshipper, I'm always wonderfully shocked at how direct Of Thespia's writer is. Clear messages, lots of information and frequent updates. A great read.
  • Opening Temple Doors - Jezz lives across the 'small pond' from me, over in the UK. A Hellenic Polytheist at heart, and although the blog isn't updated as frequently as I would like, I always hurry over there when it is. 
  • Temple of Hekate - It's been a while since it was updated, but author Tara Sanchez's book about Hekate comes with a website about the Titan Theia. If you're devoted to Hekate, this is a good place to start reading about Her. 
  • The Flaming Thyrsos - Due to health issues, the blog has been silent for a while, but when its not, it's a treasure trove of Hekatean goodness.
  • The House of Vines - a staple of Hellenic Recon. Sannion is known throughout the Hellenistic community. The blog is updated frequently, and the information is solid. Lots of pretty pictures and videos as well.
  • The Iconoclastic Domina - Cora's Greco-Roman polytheistic blog. Currently on winter break, but very informative and entertaining when active. If this is the first you've heard of it, just pretend the old posts are new ones and you should be fine until Cora comes back. 
  • Writ, Ritual and Revelation - writer Nicole Danielle is one gutsy lady. She doesn't hold back and she seems to despise PC. I can appreciate that very much. Writ, Ritual and Revelation is a very good read.
This is not a full list; I follow so many blogs, to make a full list would take hours, and the whole purpose of this post was to *not* spend hours on it. It's a good list, though, and I'm sure it will occupy your time until I return in the morning. Enjoy, and see you then!