As you are most likely all well aware of, I am a huge fan of Samantha Lykeia, blogger and sculptor over at Beloved in Light. Not only does she actively base her life around Apollon and many other Hellenic (and syncretic) Gods, she also encourages others to participate in worship. This time, she has created a poetry contest for the Thargelia--the birthday of Artemis and Apollon in about a month. In her words:

"So even though I have a terrible track record so far of folks participating in contests, I thought maybe that was because I haven’t created the prize way before hand for people to see and feel driven by the want. So this time I have. This was made so that it could be worn around the neck (hence the reason the top coil is shaped as it is, or set on an altar. This is Apollon as a fiery serpent. It is made with red and white sculpy (which is being coated with a hardener for polymer jewelry), has turquois eyes, and carnelian chips set down its back. He is wrapped around a very nice luminous piece of carnelian. If he was being sold he would be 30 dollars.

Contest rules: only one submission per person, it has to your original work, submission needs to be of the poetic type as Apollon was honored at his birthday with songs and poems.

Please note that this contest is international and open to anyone so please do feel free to share about it!

Deadline is May 11th for submissions."

There is a Facebook group where you can sign up for the contest, but you can also send submissions to her through e-mail at: I'm absolutely rubbish at poetry, so although I have signed up for the contest, I'm not sure if the Muses will actually allow me to participate. If you're better at poetry than I am (or simply more motivated to try your hand at it), this is the perfect opportunity.