Today I would like to direct your attention to an Etsy store that does not only have my personal support as a practitioner of Hellenismos, but the official support of Elaion as well. It's run by my friend Erica, who is a beautiful human being, crafter, and Hellenic Polytheist. She has just started this particular shop, but she's experienced with Etsy and on-line sales. The assortment is limited at the moment, but knowing Erica, there will soon be many more natural and high quality goods to purchase for the Hellenist. The shop is called The Hellenic Handmaid, and it was created to serve a very particular need. As Erica says on her shop's Etsy page:

"My shop was born of a desire to provide good quality products to folks who were looking for just that, no frills necessary. I saw a great need to represent the religion, lifestyle and tradition of Hellenic Polytheism/Reconstruction in a store. This is accomplished by supplying items that a worshipper of the ancient Greek Gods may have traditionally used in their practice, and continue to use today. I also wanted to let the products speak for themselves and open up avenues of education and discussion in world history, mythology and diversity. I believe that I've achieved my goal."

So guys, if you are ever in need of resins to burn as sacrifices to the Theoi, or find yourself in need of any of the other items Erica will start selling soon, head over to The Hellenic Handmaiden and place your order. If you would like to spread the word, she also has a Facebook page you can like and share. Enjoy!