Beginning at sundown on the 16th of January, on Gamelion 7, the Kourotrophoi were honoured at Erkhia along with two epithets of Apollon. Elaion will be organizing another Practicing Apart Together ritual for this event in the daylight hours of the 17th of January, and you can join us here.

The Kourotrophoi are mostly female deities who watch over growing children--Gaea, Artemis, Hekate, Eirênê, Aglauros and Pandrosos, especially. Specific offerings to Them are known from the demos Erkhia (or Erchia), but duplicate similar offerings on the Acropolis of Athens. Especially at Erkhia, it varied per sacrifice which Kourotrophos was/were sacrificed to. This specific sacrifice has no specifics listed, but since it refers to the plural, we can make an educated guess. Other than the Kourotrophoi, two other epithets of a God are listed to be sacrificed to on this day: Apollon Delphios and Apollon Lykeios‏.

Apollon Delphios (Δελφιος) is the epithet of Apollon of the Oracle (of Delphi in Phokis). Its advice has saved the lives of many a man, woman, and--most importantly in this case--child.

Apollon Lykeios (Λυκειος) is the epithet of Apollon of the Wolves and Apollon of the Light. Apollo, by the name of Lykeios, is therefore generally characterised as the destroyer. He who preys, He who scorches with his light. It might seem odd to include him in a rite meant to ensure the safety and well-being of children, but nothing could be further from the truth. In this epithet, Apollon can be sung and offerd to in order to appease and sate. Perhaps, if enough kharis is established, Apollon Lykeios will pas your children by...

The ritual for this sacrifice can be found here, and you can join our community page here. We truly hope you will join us for this important rite on Sunday 17 Januari, at 10 am EST.