Good morning! Look who found something you desperately need? That's right: me! And yes, guys, you need this too. Trust me. Collected Edition combines a love of nature and vintage iconography with modern production techniques to create jewelry that’s a fusion of the two worlds. Petals, branches, and arrows are at the core of the Brooklyn-based shop, which is spearheaded by former bridal designer Kasia Wisniewski. Her beautiful metallic pieces have a modern-yet-timeless feel to them and look as though they’ve been crafted by hand. In actuality, however, it's 3D printing that produces these whimsical accessories. Check out the entire collection on Etsy.

To create such an elegant aesthetic, Wisniewski uses a combination of digital design and hand building. She starts by drafting the pieces in a 3D modeling program, but rather than using generative technology or modifying scans, Wisniewski constructs elements like stamens, leaves, and bristles by hand. A wax model is printed and then used to cast the jewelry in the premium metals. Afterwards, each piece is clean and polished.

Collected Edition pieces are made for weddings or special occasions, but tell me that special ocassion cannot be a Hellenic festival? Arrows for Apollon and Artemis (gold and silver), flowers for Persephone, stalks of what looks like grain for Demeter, and a laurel wreath for any festival which would have had competitions. Because of the materials they are made of, they are not expensive, but the price is not excessive. The range runs between about 30 and 80 euros. Don't spend it all at once (or do, if you have it)!