I, technically, identify as 'Pagan'. I consider Hellenism a branch of Paganism. Mostly, I consider myself someone who is concious of the miriad of ways we, as humans, negatively impact the earth. A year ago today, on Earth Day (April 22), 2015, a large group of diverse Pagans, including Pagan leaders, authors, artists, and bloggers from around the world officially released the Pagan Community Statement on the Environment.

I came across the Statement back in 2015, read it, and realized that I, although Pagan, am not that type of Pagan. The language used put me off so much that I turned tail, ran, and never looked back. That was still my first reaction when I came across the Statement again recently but I suffered through the text and tried to discover what it would actually mean to sign the petition. What it means is signing a personal statement of intent:

"As signatories, we commit to use our abilities and resources to promote policies and practices that foster the changes that our world so urgently needs. We will continue to educate members of our community to foster intelligent and focused sustainable living, and help the world recognize that everyone, whether Pagan or not, is part of our precious Earth. We hold that living a fulfilling and meaningful life, and allowing the same for future generations, is only possible if the entire Earth is healthy. We will therefore strive as individuals, as groups, and as members of a global society to promote the current and future health of our entire Earth, including the water, air, land, and the web of life."

That statement is mercifully void of the woolly language that so greatly puts me off and it's something I can get behind 100 percent. So I signed. And now, I am putting it to you to do the same, because we need our earth. We need it to worship on, to live on, to raise our children on. And we need it intact.

In just a few short weeks the petition will be celebrating its one year anniversary. The goal is to get to 10.0000 signatures by then. I think we, as Hellenist, can help with that. So if the flowery language of the Statement put you off in the past or threathens to do so now, read only the text above. If that applies to you, you can sign the Statement here. Thank you.