On the day of the Hene kai Nea, I post a monthly update about things that happened on the blog and in projects and organizations related to it. I will also announce Elaion's coming PAT rituals.

Changes to the blog:
  • Nothing, I moved this month and I was far too busy to do antyhing but give you a post a day :)
PAT rituals for Mounukhion:
  • 11/05 - Thargelion 4 - Sacrifice to Leto, Pythian Apollon, Zeus, Hermes & Dioskuri at Erkhia
  • 13/05 - 14/05 - Thargelion 6-7 - Thargelia - birthday of Apollon and Artemis & Sacrifice to Demeter Khloe
  • 23/05 - Thargelion 16 - Sacrifice to Zeus Epakrios at Erkhia
  • 28/05 - Thargelion 19 - Bendideia - festival in honor of Thracian Goddess Bendis
  • 28/05 - Thargelion 19 - Sacrifice to Menedeius at Erkhia
  • 01/06 - Thargelion 25 - Kallunteria - spring cleaning of the Temple of Athena and the Plynteria - festival of washing, where the statue of athena was removed from the city of Athens to be cleaned. Auspicious day.
Anything else?
This month Pandora's Kharis is  'Giving for Greece', set up in 2016 by the Bodossaki Foundation, one of the oldest charitable foundations set up in Greece. Across the country of Greece, social needs are widespread and pressing. An unbalanced spread of help and resources is witnessed across almost all fields – from social welfare to education, health and the environment. Volunteers in NGOs, social workers, doctors, teachers and other people on the frontline are, in fact, struggling to do their utmost with limited resources.

A dedicated team of experienced professionals is in Greece to assist potential donors – whether individuals, organizations or business entities who have the ability and the will to help but do know how – and turn their vision, aspirations and ambitions and turn them into real projects, (donor-advised funds), in response to real social needs.

In parallel, ‘Giving for Greece’ proposes clearly defined and targeted thematic programmes linked to urgent and immediate needs on the field (thematic funds). Their first thematic programme is the Unaccompanied Refugee Children Fund.

The deadline to donate is May 7, 2016. You can do so by using the PayPal option to the side or by donating directly to baring.the.aegis@gmail.com. Thank you in advance! Join us on Facebook if you would like to pitch a cause for next month!

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