So, my life is complete chaos at the moment and all I want is a bit of time to relax. Seeing as this is my blog and you as most valued readers are thus part of my journey, you are getting some relaxation too! In the form of a pop quiz! Oh yeah. Three pop quizzes, actually. Let's see if you've learned anything from reading all of my stuff over the years!

Let's start simple with the 'Harry Potter and Greek Mythology' quiz! Some carefully selected questions for the Harry Potter nerd that anyone can answer--if they know their mythology. Oh--a note for question 7: use common knowledge for that one, there is absolutely nothing in Hellenic mythology that links to this. In fact, the word is Latin.

It's time to move on to something a little harder, shall we? 'Ancient Greek Games'--test your knowledge about athletic contests in ancient Hellenic history and myth.Read question four very well for a hint to question nine. als, read the answers to question five very carefully before choosing!

Then one more to top it all of; the hardest of the three. Ten out of ten so far? Good luck with this quez on 'The Trojan War and the Iliad'! Careful: number one is already a bit of a trick question! Also, if you have any problems answering the questions, remember Achilles was basically a huge jerk. That'll get you the right answer pretty much ever time.

Good luck!