Nope, sorry. I am absolutely swamped today. I need to fly out the door. Sorry, lovely readers, I will be back tomorrow with more of substance. For today, a reminder of the awesomeness of the ancient Hellenes. You are welcome.

"When you hear the words 'ancient Greece' what do you think about? Does your mind wander to the very first Olympics? Maybe it recalls the mythology of the Greek gods. It might even remind you of ancient Greece's role in the development of democracy. It's true, there are many things we would not have today if it wasn't for ancient Greece such as vending machines, classical architecture, anchors, sinks, coins and more. But even though most people are aware that many things related to Western culture originated in Greece, there’s much more associated with it than we realize. In fact, if you look around, you're bound to see or interact with something that has its roots in ancient Greece. Take a look for yourself with these 25 Things We Would Not Have Without Ancient Greece."
This is the list: urban planning, the watermill, heliocentrism, plumbing, the odometer, maps, lighthouses, cranes, coins, clock towers (and weather stations), central heating, sinks, anchors, showers, automated doors, alarm clocks, the flying machine, the vending machine, thermometers, classical architecture, theater, robots, western philosophy, the first analog computer/calculator, and logic.
The written list can be found here.