Face it, we all know the names, spheres of ifluence and family lines of the major Hellenic Gods, but there are many full or half Gods and Goddesses we know by name only, if that. I'd like to list some of the many, many, many minor divinities within our pantheon today as a reminder of the wealth of immortal beings watching over our world and our very lives. Today, those whose names start with an A through those who start with H. Note: I am leaving out divinities bound to landmarks like hills and rivers for now, but it's safe to assume all major rivers, mountais and the like have divine guardians.

Aegaeon (Αιγαίων): god of sea storms
Adephagia (Ἀδηφαγία): greed
Adikia (Ἀδικία): injustice and doing the wrong thing
Adonis (Άδωνις): life, death and rebirth
Aergia (Ἀεργία): laziness
Agdistis (Ἄγδιστις): nature; has both male and female sexual organs
Agon (Ἀγών): contest
Aidos (Αἰδώς): modesty and respect
Aisa (Αἴσα): fate
Akhelois (Ἀχελωΐς): moon
Akhlys (Ἀχλύς): misery and sadness; or the never-ending night
Akhos (Ἄχος), trouble or distress (one of the Algea (Ἄλγεα))
Akratopotes (Ἀκρατοπότης): of unmixed wine and the lack of self-control
Alala (Ἀλαλά): of the war cry
Alastor (Ἀλάστωρ): blood feuds and vengeance
Alektrona (Αλεκτρονα): the dawn or waking up
Aletheia (Ἀλήθεια): truth
Alke (Ἀλκή): ability and courage
Amekhania (Ἀμηχανία): helplessness
The Amphilogiai (Ἀμφιλογίαι): disputes and debates
Anaideia (Ἀναίδεια): ruthlessness and unforgiving (one of the Amphilogiai (Ἀμφιλογίαι))
The Androktasiai (Ἀνδροκτασίαι): of killing in the battles
Angelia (Ἀγγελία): messages and announcements
Amphiktyonis (Αμφικτυονίς): wine and friendship between nations
Ania (Ἀνία): ache or anguish (one of the Algea (Ἄλγεα))
Apate (Ἀπάτη): deceit
Aphaea (Αφαία): agriculture and fertility
Apheleia (Ἀφέλεια): simplicity
Aporia (Ἀπορία): difficulty
The Arae (Ἀραί): curses
Arete (Ἀρετή): virtue and goodness
Aristaeus (Ἀρισταῖος): bee-keeping, cheesemaking, herding, growing olives, and hunting
Arke (Άρκη): messenger of the Titans; twin sister of Iris
Astraea (Αστραία): justice
Atë (Ἄτη): mischief, delusion, and ruin
Attis (Άττις): vegetation, fruits of the earth and rebirth; consort of Cybele
Aura (Αὖρα): of the breeze and the air of early morning
Bia (Βία): force, power and strength
Britomartis (Βριτόμαρτις): hunting and fishing nets
Brizo (Βριζώ): sailors and prophetic dreams
Deimos (Δεῖμος): fear
Deipneus (Δειπνεύς): breadmaking
Dikaiosyne (Δικαιοσύνη): justice
Dolos (Δόλος): tricks and deception
Dysnomia (Δυσνομία): anarchy and lawlessness
Dyssebeia (Δυσσέβεια): disrespecting the gods
Eileithyia (Εἰλείθυια): childbirth
Eirene (Εἰρήνη): peace
Eiresione (Ειρεσιώνη): of the olive branch
Ekecheiria (Ἐκεχειρία): truce, and stopping fights; honoured at the Olympic Games
Eleos (Ἔλεος): mercy, pity, and compassion
Elpis (Ἐλπίς): hope
Enyalius (Ενυάλιος): war
Enyo (Ἐνυώ): destructive war
Epione (Ἠπιόνη): stopping of pain
Epiphron (Ἐπίφρων): careful thought
Eunostus (Εύνοστος): of the flour mill
Eukleia (Εὔκλεια):glory
Eulabeia (Εὐλάβεια): discretion and caution
Eunomia (Εὐνομία): good law and order
Eupheme (Εὐφήμη): praise, applause, and shouts of triumph
Eupraxia (Eὐπραξία): well-being
Eusebeia (Eὐσέβεια): loyalty, duty and respect
Euthenia (Εὐθενία): wealth
Gelos (Γέλως): laughter
Geras (Γῆρας): old age
Glaucus (Γλαῦκος): fishermen and sailors
Harmonia (Ἁρμονία): harmony
Harpocrates (Ἁρποκράτης): silence
Hebe (Ήβη): youth
Hedone (Ἡδονή): pleasure and fun
Hedylogos (Ἡδύλογος): flattery and flirting
Heimarmene (Εἵμαρμένη): of the fate of the universe
Hekaterus (Ηεκατερος): of the hekateris, a dance involving moving the hands quickly
Himeros (Ἵμερος): sexual desire
Homados (Ὅμαδος): of the noise of battle
Homonoia (Ὁμόνοια): agreements
Horkos (Ὅρκος): oaths
Horme (Ὁρμή): energetic activity, impulse or effort
Hybris (Ὕβρις): sadistic behaviour
Hydros (Ὑδρος): of waters
Hymenaios (Ὑμέναιος): marriage and marriage feasts
The Hysminai (Ὑσμῖναι): fighting and combat