I don't know how things are where you live, but here, it's been a week of gloomy, rainy, shitty weather. Zeus Ombrios reigned strong! And then this morning, spring started. It's warm, it's sunny, and I said my prayers to Helios with pure delight! To honor Him, I am going to post a compilation of His ancient representations. Bless you, Helios, for brightening my life!

For those of you who don't know: Helios is a Titan, born from Hyperion and Theia (Hesiod, Pindar), or Hyperion and Euryphaessa (Homeric Hyms). Helios is also often confused with Apollon, mostly because of their conglomeration as a single Deity in the Roman era. In ancient Hellas, it was Phoibos (or 'Aiglêtos') Apollon who drove the chariot of the sun through the sky each morning, following the lovely Eos out of the heavenly gates. Phoibos Apollon is associated with carrying sunlight, but He is in no way the sun itself. That honor befalls Helios.

Let the heavens be silent, 
the earth, the sea, the winds.
Mountains, valleys, echoes 
and the sons of birds, keep silent!
Phoebus of the long and beauteous hair is coming.
Father of the dawn, with eye of dazzling white,
you, with the glorious golden tresses, 
lead your rosy chariot along the limitless roads of the sky, 
following the winged footprints of the steeds,
intertwining your curling rays, 
surrounding the whole earth with your resplendent light. 
Your rivers of immortal fire give life to the smiling day. 
For your, the imperturbable chorus of stars dances on Olympus
accompanying their free melody on Phoebus' lyre; 
and in front, the pale Moon leads the rhythmic times 
of the seasons by the cadenced movement of white calves. 
Your benevolent spirit rejoices in turning the myriad-robed earth.

[Mesomedes of Krete, Hymn to Helios]

Helios, or perhaps his son Phaethon, rises into the sky at dawn. The God is crowned with the aureole of the sun and drives a four-horse chariot of winged horses. The Astra Planeta (Gods of the wandering stars) dive into the sea before Him. Selene and Eos chasing the hunter Kephalos (not shown) complete the scene. [source]

Helius & Astra Planeta | Attic red figure vase painting

The Astra Planeta dive into the sea from their heavenly perches as Helios rides into the sky. [source]

Helius, Eos & Eosphorus | Apulian red figure vase painting

The Gods Helios, Eos and Eosphoros--Sun, Dawn and Dawn-Star--form the procession of day. Eosphoros is depicted as a winged youth crowned with a shining aureole. Helios and Eos drive four-horse (quadriga) chariots and are crowned with the aureoles of sun and the light of dawn. Fish and dolphins dance beneath the chariot-wheels as the Gods emerge from the river Okeanos. [source]

Helius & Heracles | Attic black figure vase painting

Herakles, seated on the banks of the River Okeanos, shoots arrows at Helios. The God is crowned with the aureole of the sun and drives a chariot drawn by a pair of winged horses. A pair of arrows protrude from the chariot. The hero wears a lion-skin cape and holds a club and bow. [source]