While browsing YouTube for new content yesterday, I came across this video, featuring Objects Conservator at the Worcester Art Museum, Paula Artal-Isbrand. She delivers a talk about ancient vase creation, and it contained quiet a few details I did not know about. I figured you'd like to watch it too.


This Master Series lecture focuses on three exquisite ceramic vases made in Athens over 2,500 years ago. Each vase has a unique shape and is representative of one of three major Attic painting techniques. Paula Artal-Isbrand, discusses how these masterpieces were shaped, decorated and then fired using an ingenious and mysterious method that potters were not able to replicate until recently. She also shares highlights of discoveries made during the lengthy conservation campaign, including finding a secret inner vessel within one of them. Amanda Reiterman, an archaeologist, brings these rich depictions to life and explains the function and relevance of these finely made objects in the context of the thriving metropolis of Athens.