A wonderful friend and reader of this blog sent be a box with gifts. She's a lovely friend that way! I wanted to share two of the items with you, because they are already oh so dear to my heart.

Let's start with the coins! they're replicas of ancient ones and they're heavy and absolutely splendid! I've added them to my various shrines and I can't stop playing with Athena's owl one. I love coins, period, and (replicas of) ancient Hellenic ones? Heaven!

And then there is the dodecagram! In my most viewed post to date (by a landslide) I examined some symbols of Hellenism, in the hope of figuring out one that might unify the community. My choice out of a select few was the dodecagram.

The dodecagram, or twelve pointed star, is already one of the more widespread symbols of Hellenismos. The twelve points represent the twelve Olympic Gods and thus the symbol serves its purpose as a dedicational symbol well. Another version of this symbol is the Star of Vergina, a symbol with sixteen points. The Star was used in ancient Hellas (Macedonia, mostly) and is still part of the Macedonian flag today. Because of this association, the Star does not have my preference, but I'm a great fan of the dodecagram.

In that post I also mentioned that what will decide the battle is the availability of the symbol. Back in 2012 (!) you couldn't order it anywhere, not even online. I have found versions throughout the years but they were either too small or just plain ugly. My friend had one made especially for me (!!!) and had one cast in bronze for herself (mine is silver). 

I love it. I love everything about it. It's absolutely stunning and of course, I wanted to share it with you all. Tell me, if you could and it can be an affordable option, would you like to buy one? I'm sure I can figure out if that's a possibility some way.