New Year's message and prayer from Elaion core member Robert Clark

"The first year of the 699th Olympiad has ended. Before and throughout this tumultuous year, we have seen unspeakable atrocities inflicted by people against people, by the powerful against the innocent, by the privileged against disenfranchised. We live in a time of fear, hatred, and bigotry fanned by those who would exploit it for personal gain or to satisfy their misguided egos.

We all need to do all we can to work toward acceptance, understanding, and caring. Where there is hate we need to love, where there is bigotry we need to befriend, and where there fear of strangers we need to welcome them. I share with you one of my daily prayers to Zeus:

May You be with innocent people everywhere who are enslaved and those who are deliberately harmed by the willful and violent acts of others. May those who have been killed have a special place with Thee and may those who suffer have hope that good people shall rise up and put a stop to it, that those who oppress, enslave, and harm them shall be held accountable for their heinous acts and pay for their crimes, and that people around the world shall recognize and respect the sanctity of human life and of all life. So let it be.

It isn’t wealth, position, or even recognition but acts of kindness that brings happiness.

ΟΥΛΕ (Be whole – be well)"

Robert A. Clark