Someone sent me a link to this "Greek Gods Pinup Calendar" yesterday, and I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I had to share! NOTE: this item is currently on back order. A new batch of calendars is being printed, and will be available to ship after 2/1/2019

This 12-month calendar depicts the major male gods of classical Greece and Rome rendered in classical pin-up style! Each month includes a god, the Greek and Roman versions of his name, and a brief description of his domain of rulership.

The months and Gods are matched as follows:

January - Zeus / Jupiter
February - Eros / Cupid
March - Ares / Mars
April - Pan / Faunus
May - Hypnos / Somnus
June - Apollo / Phoebus
July - Poseidon / Neptune
August - Dionysus / Bacchus
September - Hephaestus / Vulcan
October - Hades / Pluto
November - Hermes / Mercury
December - Cronus / Saturn

From creator HelloGround on Etsy: "This product consists of 13 digitally painted images designed, drawn, and colored by yours truly, and printed by the good people of Costco."

Oh, and because this one had me absolutely in stitches, I present to you: Hades!