This is not a sponsored post. Let's start with that. I'm just posting because it looks good! I recently stumbled upon Sanuk Games's kickstarter for "Mythic Battles: Pantheon - The Videogame".

"Mythic Battles: Pantheon is a tightly crafted turn-based strategy game where you play as Olympian Gods and lead the greatest heroes, monsters and warriors to ever live in Ancient Greece. It is based on a board game published by Monolith Board Games that, itself, was a KickStarter sensation, with more than 13,000 backers in a first campaign and more than 10,000 in a second campaign, raking in more than $3.7 million of pledges overall. 

It will bring the rich universe of this board game to life with state-of-the-art visuals and animations, while relying on its solid, proven gameplay. The mighty Titans awoke and unleashed a massive attack on Olympus. They were ultimately defeated but the world was ravaged, and the surviving Olympians became mere mortals. As the former Gods awake to a broken world, Mythic Battles: Pantheon begins their adventure through Olympus, Styx and the Labyrinth of Minos to regain the glory left decimated by the wrath of the Titans. 

Playing as Gods such as Zeus and Athena, alongside an army of heroes such as Achilles and Hercules and monsters such as the Hydra and Medusa, players will fight to regain their lost status and become the king of the Gods."

"Mythic Battles: Pantheon" will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will will offer solo play against the AI as well as online multiplayer game sessions.

Sanuk Games is a 15-years-old independent game studio based in France and in Thailand, with a team of 18 skilled and experienced professionals. Sanuk Games shipped over 70 games on almost all systems over the years, both as an indie and as a work-for-hire studio with 3rd party publishers. For more information, please visit

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