Archaeologists in Rome have uncovered a large marble head from Rome’s imperial age that is believed to show Dionysus or Bacchus. The white marble bust, believed to be 2,000 years old, was discoved in the heart of the city, near the Roman Forum, during excavations last week. The head had been reused to form part of a medieval wall but experts say it is in excellent condition.

The head, with hollow eyes probably once filled with glass or precious stones, would have belonged to a large statue of the god created in the imperial age. A statement from the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, which encompasses the Roman Forum reads:

“The archaeologists were excavating a late medieval wall when they saw, hidden in the earth, a white marble head/ It was built into the wall, and had been recycled as a building material, as often happened in the medieval era. Extracted from the ground, it revealed itself in all its beauty. The face is refined and gracious, young and feminine. All of which makes us think this could be a depiction of Dionysos.”

The marble head will be cleaned and eventually put on display. Mayor Virginia Raggi:

“Rome continues to surprise us every day. The head of the statue… is in excellent condition. It’s a marvel.”