Applications are now open for the Hephaistos Summer Program running un June 2020. This unique accredited program on the History of Western European Jewelry is offered through the Ilia Lalaounis Jewelry Museum’s Education Center in collaboration with esteemed Greek and international academics, archaeologists and jewelry experts.

The Program challenges the participants to discover the fascinating world of Ancient Greece and the history of Western Jewelry through its most spectacular artifacts.

The history and archaeology of Ancient Hellenic jewelry from Classical Greece to the Byzantine era will be followed by a survey of the history of western European jewelry up to the most amazing contemporary artistic productions. The class on Studio Jewelry is tailored to the discipline of contemporary art jewelry and researches its creative methods. Participants will map diverse aspects of wearability and social coding of the body, as also investigate how concepts and cultural values materialize into jewelry formats. This exploration opens a new dimension to students concerning individual creativity and its application with tools and machinery in different vocations.

Guest lectures will be offered throughout the course on a wide range of topics, from illicit trafficking of antiquities to Athenian architecture and museum management. All lectures will be held at the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum Lecture Hall.

Participants will enjoy instructive guided tours of and on-site lectures by academics in the historical center of Athens and Museums with the most important jewelry collections. These include the Acropolis archaeological site and Museum, the National Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine and Christian Museum. Visits to jewelry making workshops will introduce students to the secrets of successful jewelry making in Greece. Open doors to the havens of industrial units of fine jewelers and artist’s studios will give an insight of the exciting use of ancient and modern goldsmithery techniques and the use of non-traditional materials for the delight of contemporary creations.

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