I love to stumble upon random college bits. And with corona measures in place, it's a lot easier this days to learn a little something extra. I'd like to share a course with you today as taught by Philippe-Antoine Hoyeck who teaches at Carleton College in Canada.

Love is sometimes described as a form of madness, a formidable irrational force that overpowers our will, a condition that we fall into and that can bring either bliss or destruction. In this course, we will challenge this view by adopting a different starting point. Through a survey of the Western philosophical tradition, we will explore the possibility that, far from being beyond intelligibility, love (and sex) can be understood and that an ‘art of love’ can be cultivated.

Our investigation will lead us to question many aspects of our experience of love by considering its socially constructed nature, its possible objects, and its effects –a process that will help us to better appreciate the role of love and sex in a flourishing human life. We will pursue our inquiry in a diversity of contexts such as friendship, romantic love, family love, and self-love. Exploring ancient and contemporary texts that defend diverging views on love will help us cultivate precious philosophical abilities such as intellectual flexibility, definitional clarity and critical awareness.

The first lecture can be viewed here, in two parts: