Greece’s Culture Ministry has submitted an amendment to parliament, which could see Greek Ancient and modern artifacts displayed in foreign museums for up to 50 years.

The revised provision – loaning museum collections for 25 years which can then be renewed for another 25 years – promotes Greece’s cultural heritage worldwide. The export of collections will only occur if sufficient guarantees are provided for their safe transport, exhibition and return.

“The museums of our country have tens of millions of movable monuments, which are kept in their warehouses. Of these, some, selected by the museums themselves and after obtaining the approval of the competent services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and of course the Central Archaeological Council, will be able to to be exhibited as a single collection with long-term borrowing in museums or exhibition spaces abroad.”

The amendment also concerns the Hellenic Museum of Melbourne, Australia, which seeks further collaboration with the Benaki Musuem.

“In this way, the identity of the Greek community is strengthened, the comparative advantage of its homeland is highlighted in the best way and people all over the world come in contact with the Greek culture.”

At the moment, a collection from a museum in Greece can be loaned to a museum abroad for only five years, with the possibility of extension for another five years.