The National Theatre of Greece is inaugurating its Research Theatre of Classical Drama with a live-streaming of Euripides’ Medea directed by Martha Frintzila on Sunday (Jan. 10). The main aim of the newly created Research Theatre is to study ancient Greek drama by examining its conventions, investigating modern ways of approaching it, and highlighting its potential in terms of stage practice and performance. 

The 2021 season opens with Medea, performed in a new translation by Nikoletta Frintzila, with English subtitles available. It will be preceded by a short speech from the Artistic Director of the National Theatre, Dimitris Lignadis, inaugurating the Research Theatre of Classical Drama. Afterwards, there will be a live discussion with the actors and creative team, where questions can be asked by text message.

Shaped by passion and revenge, Medea - one of Euripides’ most paradoxical tragic heroines - is an unfathomable dramatic riddle, as she survives her own destruction by committing the unthinkable: the murder of her children.

A complex, impenetrable personality, she hovers between human maternal feelings and the heroic imperatives of honour and justice. In a foreign land, betrayed and faced with unexpected disappointment, the archetype of female strength kills what is dearest to her and becomes the protagonist of the pain caused by her own horrific act.

The livestream will be available at with the purchase of an electronic ticket (password required).

Price of ticket: €8 Time: 7 p.m.

A digital program, which includes the production text, can be purchased from the National Theatre of Greece website or from