In case you're looking, an upcoming auction in Sydney of rare Greek coins and other medals and bank notes will allow you to add to your collection.

According to auction organiser, Noble Numismatics, a Greece, Othon, five drachma of 1833 in uncirculated condition and one of the finest known is estimated to fetch bids of over $5,000.

A very large selection of Greek silver and bronze coinage (lots 4093 – 4388) dating from 359BC, is also estimated to fetch $3,000. These include: Carian Islands, Rhodes silver tetradrachm from mid-late 220s BC, and a Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos VI Dionysos silver tetradrachm of 143/2 BC.

Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine gold coinage (lots 4695 – 4771) dating from 323BC is also on offer by Noble Numismatics and is apparently hot property. Those to be auctioned are:

Greek, Kingdom of Baktria, Diodotos II gold stater of 255-246BC (lot 4702; estimate $4,000).

Roman, Faustina Senior (wife of Antoninus Pius) gold aureus of 147AD (lot 4706; estimate $5,000), and

Byzantine, Justinian II gold solidus of 685-695AD (lot 4747; estimate $2,000).

Due to the pandemic lockdown restrictions, the auction will have online live bidding only from August 30 – September 2, 2021. Bidders will need to register prior to the auction.