A list of all constellations discussed by Hellenic astronomer Ptolemy, in as far as they have been discussed on Baring the Aegis. Ptolemy set out forty-eight constellations, based in Greek myth, of which some are still recognized to this day, and others got broken up or otherwise rearranged or added in the years that followed.

Constellation Andromeda: the chained woman
Constellation Aquarius: the water carrier
Constellation Aquila: the eagle
Constellation Ara: the altar
Constellation Argo Navis: the ship Argo
Constellation Aries: the ram
Constellation Auriga: the charioteer
Constellation Boötes: the herdsman
Constellation Cancer: the crab
Constellation Canis Major: the great dog
Constellation Canis Minor: the little dog
Constellation Capricornus: the sea goat
Constellation Cassiopeia: the seated woman
Constellation Centaurus: the centaur
Constellation Cepheus: the king
Constellation Cetus: the whale
Constellations Corona Australis & Corona Borealis: the two crowns
Constellation Corvus: the raven
Constellation Crater: the cup
Constellation Cygnus: the swan
Constellation Delphinus: the dolphin
Constellation Draco: the dragon
Constellation Equuleus: the little horse
Constellation Eridanos: the river
Constellation Gemini: the twins
Constellation Hercules: the kneeler
Constellation Hydra: the sea-serpent
Constellation Leo: the lion
Constellation Lepus: the hare
Constellation Libra: the scales or claws
Constellation Lupus: the wolf
Constellation Lyra: the lyre
Constellation Ophiuchus: the snake-holder
Constellation Orion: the hunter
Constellation Pegasus: the winged horse
Constellation Perseus: the hero
Constellation Pisces: the fishes
Constellation Piscis Austrinus: the great fish
Constellation Sagitta: the arrow
Constellation Sagittarius: the archer
Constellation Scorpio: the scorpion
Constellation Serpens: the serpent
Constellation Taurus: the bull
Constellation Triangulum: the triangle
Constellations Ursa Major & Ursa Minor: the two bears
Constellation Virgo: the virgin
Constellation series: the Milky Way
Constellation Series: the planets