Although nothing really happened over the course of the month to have me so happy for its end, I can't wait to get started on the Deipnon and wish the old month farewell. Just the thought of cleaning out the old and starting fresh is something I'm desperately craving.

I'm craving it so desperately, in fact, that since I started practecing Hellenismos, my period has become spot on, on the Deipnon. And this from the girl who has never had a set period in her life. Lets see if it holds. I hope so, because it adds to the experience--if by 'add to' I mean that I'm very cranky, the work is harder due to cramps and ridding myself of miasma is about ten times harder.

Today, I will be scrubbing the house, doing yesterday's dishes, making the bed and, most importantly, I will thoroughly clean all my ritual tools. I will clean out my jar with leftovers from this month and clean out my Kathiskos. Tonight, at dusk, I will ride out with the contents of the jar of leftovers, a key and a raw egg and leave all of it on a crossroad for Hekate. With it, I will leave all the frustration, pain and worry from this month.

It's likely due to my period, but I'm so happy about all of this, I could cry. I'm so ready to leave the old behind and it's shocking to me how quickly my mind and body have adapted to having a set day for this event. Tomorrow, I will start fresh. I will fill my Kathiskos with new foodstuffs, I'll add the first ritual leftovers to my jar, I'll light the first incense on one of my household shrines.

But today, it's a new moon, and a new month, and it is about time.