This week is a very busy religious week; the Panathenaia is happening and I'm planning a night-long wake in honor of this festival and Athena tomorrow night, friday is the Deipnon, making saturday Noumenia and sunday Agathós Daímōn. Tomorrow I'll blog about preparing for the wake and my reasons for doing it but for today, I'm leaving you with my brand new blogroll.

As a Pagan and blogger, I follow a good amount of blogs and bloggers. Today, I've added a blogroll to Baring the Aegis and I wanted to put a spotlight on some of them. These are blogs I think would be good to follow for everyone interested in broad spectrum Paganism. Most of them are not Hellenic in nature. I think it's endlessly important to keep looking beyond your own Tradition, whatever that may be. It keeps you grounded and makes you aware of what you're gaining from your tradition. Maybe you'll eventually learn you need to transition. Maybe all you get from the blog is knowledge. That is never a bad thing. Enjoy! (Agora, Bishop in the Grove, Confessions of a Pagan soccer mom, Pantheon, The Wild Hunt)
Pantheos is a fantastic religious internet portal. It has bloggers of about every religion on the face of the planet. The ones I follow are listed above. Pantheon was the first I found and I went from there. Agora is general Pagan, Bishop in the Grove is druidistic, Confessions of a Pagan soccer mom is generally witchy, Pantheon is Telmatic with a dash of Neo-Paganism and Hellenic Recon and The Wild Hunt is a news website concerning everything Pagan.
This website is a site I now only visit for the news articles but when I was first starting out, this was my premier research website for anything Neo-Wiccan and Neo-Pagan. It's a good, solid, beginner's guide which is constantly updated.

Pagandad combines two things I know very little of in Paganism; the male viewpoint and children. Just those two make this blog worth reading.

Norse Mythology Blog
It's updated very sporadically (and when I say very sporadically I mean it hasn't updated in about two months) but the posts on there are so incredibly insightful and full of knowledge it's well worth the wait. If you're new to the blog, just read it back until you hit the first post. Trust me, it's worth it.

This blog is a little gem. It's written by an elderly woman who lives in a beautiful little cottage on her own bit of land. Her posts are close to the earth, to her family and to her heart. She intercuts her musings with all kinds of videos, poems and other inspiration messages and it makes for wonderful variety.

The Barbed Pentacle
The Barbed Pentacle is what they call 'not suitable for work'. It's about the grittier side of Paganism and magick; blood, sex, bondage, orgasms, masturbation--heck, even enema's. It's a completely different look at Paganism which can sometimes get a little bit too much 'love and light' for my tastes. The Barbed Pentacle is absolutely one of my favorite corners of the internet and It's a pleasure sharing it with you.

Society of Diana
Society of Diana is focussed mostly in Italy. Diana keeps an ear to the ground about what's currently happening in archeology, society and Paganism and she often comes up with very informative and though-provoking subjects.

A Young Flemish Hellenist
This is the one of the few Hellenic blogs I follow. There are always subjects on there that I find interesting and although I wish it was updated more, it's always a pleasure when it is updated.

The Quill is Mightier
Dawn has wonderful thoughts and opinions about Paganism and Hellenismos. Her patron is Ares so that gives you a bit of an idea about the state of her posts.

The Allergic Pagan
I love, love, love The Allergic Pagan. It's funny, tackles things haven't even thought of and combines blog posts, media fragments and anything else to formulate some of the best and worst of Paganism. A must read!

Sanna, Hagstone's author, is Asatru (Norse Recon). although her updates are a bit sporadic, I greatly appreciate her opinion and I check her site at least daily to see if she has updated it.