Writing is hard. Any kind of writing is incredibly hard, be it books, blogs, role plays, magazine articles, or anything else. To come up with the basics--subjects, characters, setting, goal--takes a lot of imagination. Then you need to decide who you're writing for. When you've managed to figure all of that out, you need to do the actual writing.

I have come to realize I write best when a subject inspires me, and I have received enough positive reinforcements to get into the writing flow. At that point, the pay-off will be worth the effort. When I feel I'm talking into the empty pit of the internet, my desire to write goes down. At that point, coming up with subjects to write about becomes more like a marathon than a treasure hunt. Because writing--when I'm in the right mindset--is like a treasure hunt as a six year old: the most awesome thing in the world.

Theo Bishop, over at Patheos' Bishop in the Grove, wrote a brilliant article with the title 'what do Pagans want to read in their blogs, magazines and books?'. In it, he says the following:

"When you visit this blog — any blog — what are you looking for? Do you want testimonials about lived experiences? Accounts of ritual, whether they be successful or fall-on-your-face-like? Do you want to read about the nuts and bolts of someone’s practice?

[...] Please, enlighten me. Shine a little light on the inside of your reader’s brain. Throw this writer a digital bone."

So, I am asking you the same thing: what are you looking for on this blog? What are the articles you like best? What should I write more about? Or less. This blog functions within the framework of Hellenistic practice, so that limits the number of subjects, but there is still a lot to talk about that I haven't discussed yet. Do you like the series, or would you prefer I do more one-shots?

Would you like posts about theology, about modern day practice, about personal experiences, about the link between ancient and modern worship, or about something else I haven't even discussed? Are there questions you would like answered? This is your chance to ask them, and I would value any advice that comes my way. I write for myself but mostly for you, so any advice is very welcome!