You guys! In the five months this blog has been around, you have racked up* 10.000 hits on this blog and another 16.000 at Witches & Pagans. Also, 'Baring the Aegis' has just passed it's 150th post. No one is more surprised than I am, and this is me being incredibly grateful for your support, your words, your internet addiction and your willingness to put up with my Whedonesque love of hearing myself write. And yes, yes, I know that about half of those hits are Google bots and people stumbling upon something they were very much not looking for but still, 36.000 hits ain't bad, even if you divide it by two. So once more, thank you, thank you, thank you.

In other news, Facebook is trying something new where page administrators must pay to promote their posts, or run the risk of their post getting washed away in the bubbling timeline of their subscribers. I'm not sure how this is going to work, but it's about seven dollars per promoted item, so I'm not going there. From what I gather, everyone who is subscribed to the Facebook page will still get the daily update, I just don't know where it'll end up on your timeline.

I want to ask you, my awesome readers, to see if you notice a difference. If the updates suddenly stop showing up for you, they may be lower in your timeline. I would appreciate any feedback on this. If you want to be sure about receiving the daily update of a new post by way of Facebook, please go to the Baring the Aegis Facebook page and click the 'gear' button next to the 'like' button. If you select the option 'Add to interest lists', and then use the 'Make a name for your sites' option to create an interest list, you'll have the updates in your interests. Of course, just visiting the Baring the Aegis blog website is also an option. I'll keep you all informed about this, seeing as I'm not exactly sure myself how much not paying to promote will hurt delivery of the message.

Again, you guys rock, and I'm a very happy writer. I am also a bit annoyed with Facebook, but what else is new, right?

* either today or tomorrow