This is not so much an actual blog post as a note to self; I need to spend off-line time with Pagans on a regular basis. While my practice has little to do with the witchy and Wiccanish practice of my local community, there is still something uniquely Pagan that only they can give. Last night, I attended the birthday party of the woman who innitiated me into her Eclectic Religious Witchcraft tradition. It was a closed celebration; only a hand full of people attended, and while most of them weren't Pagan, it was still so good to see the few who were again. As I sat there, and soaked in the experience, I realized it had been too long since I'd been in their company.

There is something unique about the Pagan community; you can find it at festivals, gatherings, and anywhere else Pagans meet. It's an automatic 'good people' pass, that gets you hugs for a first meeting, kisses for a departure and lots of love in between. It's total acceptance--even if you're slightly different--because we're all slightly different in reference to the mainstream. If you have someone to vouch for you at these gatherings, you're in. There are no sidelines. It's the love and light mentality I greatly dislike when it comes to meaningful conversation about the Craft or religion, but which is like food for the soul when you're hungry for it... and I never really realize I'm hungry for it until I have one of these gatherings coming up and I find myself starving for the all-encompassing love that only the Pagan community can give.

I really should start that multi-Traditions study group I've been longing for, or find a way to connect with more Hellenists in real life. Festivals don't get organized much around here, and religious events are a bit tricky because I don't feel comfortable in Wiccanish ritual where the Theoi are summoned (or even where other Gods and Goddesses are summoned by name), but I should still find more and stronger ties to my local community.

I need to remember this. For my physical, mental and spiritual health, I need to remember that I need Pagans in my life, and if nothing comes up, I need to go out and find them myself. I may not always agree with the Pagan label, but it's still my home. It's still a place where I am understood and accepted, and that's priceless.