I mentioned once that I make use of portable shrines when I'm not at home. I find my morning and evening rituals too important not to have the proper tools with me. Back in ancient Hellas, I wouldn't have need for portable shrines--as I would be allowed to sacrifice at the heart-fire of the family that housed me--but alas, in this day and age, I do need one. And so, I have not one, but two; one which resides permanently in the car and can be used when I suddenly sleep over somewhere, and one which I take with me in my bag when I know I'll be spending the night somewhere.

Since that post about my portable shrines, I have gotten a good few questions about it, so I decided to show you what is in them. I'll show you the smaller one first, which is the one that fits in my bag.
And now the larger portable shrine, which resides in my car:
Both shrines have about the same things; a candle and a holder, a container with khernips, a container with ethanol, a container with olive oil, a cup for khernips, a cup to burn offerings--or pour libations--in, cloth to dry my hands and face, some incense, matches, an empty container for my burned offerings (in both cases an empty matchbox), and a container of barley. My larger kit also has a vessel to pour libations from and an electric candle to burn during the night, like I do at home.

These are the basic tools I use in my practice. When I am away from home for a few days, I can absolutely continue my practice with this. It's not perfect, but it works. The smaller kit can sustain me for up to five days, the larger kit for about two weeks. Do you have something like this? How do you feel about portable shrines? Let me know in the comments.