As you are all undoubtedly aware, I founded Little Witch magazine back in September 2010, a quarterly, on-line, magazine that covers as much of the Neo-Paganistic umbrella as possible. Every three months, on the equinoxes, both a Dutch and English magazine go live. Today, of course, is no different. I will post the Spring 2013 magazine here this afternoon, as it launches around noon, but because I've been so busy with it, I don't really have a post for you. Sorry about that.

I am well aware the Greater Dionysia begins at sundown tonight, but a post on the festival will have to wait until tomorrow (if I manage to bend the title and subject as such that it can serve as an 'F'-post for the Pagan Blog Project), or Saturday. Sorry about that, people, again. Unfortunately, there are too few hours in the day to accomplish everything I wish to accomplish sometimes.

Until this afternoon, I will leave you with an image of Battlestar Galactica's Laura Roslin, depicted as an ancient Hellenic Goddess (sort of). I think that's oddly fitting. Also, if people have not watched Battlestar, do so. You will thank me afterwards. There are lots of Hellenic references in it, a fact I greatly appreciated.