How could the ancient Hellenes who might have seen a sight like this not have assumed it was a battle between Zeus and one of His powerful foes--Typhôeus perhaps? These pictures were taken by German photographer Martin Rietze at Sakurajima volcano on a former island off Japan, and were originally found here.

I often try to explain to non-believers how I interact with my Gods, and how, when I say 'I see my Gods in everything' this is possible. I can't be sure, of course, but this seems a perfect example of how both I, and perhaps the ancient Hellenes, conflated the natural world and the influence of the Theoi on it. A major storm, a volcanic eruption, lightning battling with fire and smoke, Gods and giants fighting, and our human--limited--eyes only seeing the special effects. This is the way I see my Gods, and it fills me with awe.