Yesterday, I came upon a video by Cara Schulz; a Google chat session where she spoke to The Order of Hekate about how Hekate was worshipped in ancient times, as well as the basics of Hellenismos. Her talk incorporates Hekate's Deipnon (which started yesterday), Noumenia (which starts tonight), Agathós Daímōn, household worship, household worship vs. state worship, the future of Hellenismos and interfaith work. It might look like a long video, but it's very worth it, especially once Cara gets on a roll.

Cara, for those unfamiliar with her, is a member of Hellenion, the largest Hellenic polytheist organization in the United States. Her workshops on Hellenismos have been held at some of the largest Pagan gatherings in the United States, including Pagan Spirit Gathering and Sacred Harvest Festival. She is also the Managing editor of the Pagan Newswire Collective and founder of International Pagan Coming Out Day.

As for my household worship: today will be a busy day with cleaning, watching some Hellenistic documentaries send to me by a very dear friend, researching, meditating, my purification rituals, and not eating. I'm now about 14 hours into my fast, but was asleep for most of it, so it doesn't really count yet. Right now, I feel fine. I wish you all a blessed Deipnon and Noumenia, and hope you start the new year off wonderfully well.