I was going to write an awesome long about mythology and/or ancient Hellas, but then I found the sound library of greek-gods.info and it all went out the window. I've been listening to sound files for the past half hour.

I have learned long ago that Hollywood ruined my ability to pronounce anything even vaguely Hellenic in a manner that the ancient Hellenes or their modern offspring would recognize ('dih-mee'-tur', really?). I've been trying to get back to the way I used to pronounce the names of the Theoi; Dutch pronunciation is actually much closer to the Greek than the English version. It's hard to unlearn something, though, especially when I recite the hymn--for example--in English.

While hunting for something else on the internet, I stumbled upon greek-god.info's sound library, which has sound files of the names of Titans, Olympians, many of the other Gods, mythological creatures and heroes, in both Greek and English. I especially love listening to both files for one name, and spotting the differences. Let's just say that there are plenty.

I'll get you a proper post tomorrow, but for today, you should be set with this database. Enjoy!