A while ago, I asked my wonderful readers to send me questions because I was a little stuck, and lacking for subjects to write about. Questions are always awesome writing prompts, and you guys came through in the best way possible; in fact, I am still working through my backlog of reader questions. Today, I would like to answer another one I got, and because I don't have written permission to use their name, I'm leaving it as anonymous. Thank you, though, Anon, for writing. My Facebook or e-mail is always open.

"Hello! I remember that you had said you were accepting questions. I am unsure if you are still accepting questions but I do have one that comes from an important subject. Subject being how to go about polytheistic practice when one is young and under the care of naysayers. Specifically, what to do about offerings? As it stands I leave water for my dead, house spirits, and a Thea, but I intend to honor more deities. But I do not have six or seven more containers to use that will not be missed. Could libations to multiple theoi (or other deity groups) be poured into a common container and it not be akin to a trough?"

You know, practicing a religion in secret is hard. It's especially hard if you are still living with your parents, or with a roommate you know won't understand or even a partner. I'm all in favour of an open dialogue, but sometimes that's simply not possible and we are forced to extend our repertoire so we can look for alternate solutions.

A while ago, I wrote a post with practical tips for those practicing with limitations. Anyone struggling with this type of situation might want to take a look at that one again. In this particular example, I would distribute your offerings between two bowls; one to the Ouranic Theoi, and one to the Khthonic Theoi and the dead. For more information, please visit this post about the bômos and bothros--the ritual altars of the ancient Hellenes.

That brings me to what I had originally wanted to say first; that the ancient Hellenes used one (well, two, if you split between Ouranic and Kthonic) altar for their rituals--especially in the household. You should never feel like you are just lumping offerings together; I always give sacrifice in a single sacrificial bowl on my altar (unless it's to the dead/Kthonic Gods/some heroes) and so far that has worked very well for me. That said, I do have separate household shines--discussed here, briefly, with outdated images I should replace soon--for specific rituals.

I hope this helps you--and perhaps others in a similar situation to yours--move on in their practices. I wish you the best of luck with your situation, and may the Gods always grand kind blessings to you and yours.