I had a very successful Pyanepsia celebration yesterday, which I quite enjoyed. Due to lack of time, it was a bit hurried in its preparation. I re-used much of my eiresiône from last year, simply taking it down and filling the bottles attached to it anew with honey, wine, and oil. I burned a little twig of it to stay at least moderately true to tradition. As I had to leave early this morning an I did not have much time yesterday, I thought I'd share some images of my celebration with you, along with some commentary. 

[Khernips, a towel, and barley to toss]

[My altar with my incense burner, statue of Apollon and Daphne, a karyatis,
my flame to Hestia, my panspermia, my offering bowl, and mixed wine]

[Close-up of the panspermia]

[My renewed eiresiône, hanging over the door]