On November 19, at a yet to be determined tme and place, there will be a sacrifice for the healing of the nation after the elections and its aftermath. This is not a PAT ritual; it's not organised by Elaion itself. It's organised by ΘΙΑΣΟΣ ΦΟΙΒΟΣ (Thiasos Phoibos), which is aligned with Elaion. I do, however, endorce it and I will join in on the day and at the exact time if I can.

From the Facebook event:

"An Offering to Zeus and Hera for the Healing of the Nation.
We feel the need to light a Pyre and pour Libations to Zeus and Hera, to Athene and Themis, and any other Gods you may think of to unite the Nation.
We will Offer up Prayers, not Curses, and drink and eat together to restore our sense of Community.
We would like to open this Event to people of all Traditions and Faiths.We will let you know the Location very soon, it will likely be somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.
Bring something to eat or drink to the Potluck Feast."
Of course I can't be there, but I will be there in spirit. It's been days now and I can still barely wrap my head around it. I read about the riots, the violence, the hate. I read about the things Trump plans to do, the rape to social welfare, economic welfare, environmental regulation LGBT rights and I am scared. I see my US friends getting scared. And angry. There is a lot of turmoil in the world and especially in the US. I will gladly pray to Zeus and Here, to Athena and Themis, to Niké and Nemesis to aleviate some of that, if They are willing. To right some wrongs and prevent further suffering. So come together, if you can be there in person or not, and pray with us to see us through the trying times to come.