I'm sorry, I'm swamped, so have a piece of news that made me giggle greatly today! It seems a flower pot at a palatial English estate has been identified as a long-lost Roman sarcophagus worth almost $500,000. Oops!

Antique experts visiting Blenheim Palace earlier this week marveled at the intricate designs on a large casket that has been used to hold flowers on the estate for years.

The officials were originally on the grounds to examine several other historic pieces but dropped what they were doing to assess the makeshift flower pot when they saw it tucked away in a corner.
The experts determined the container was a marble sarcophagus dating back to 300 AD.

The archaeological marvel features carved lion's heads and Greek gods including Dionysos, Hercules (our Herakles) and Ariadne.

Since its discovery, the 1800-year-old sarcophagus has been moved to an underground holding room in the palace where it's still visible to the public.

Personal note: I assume they've taken the flowers out since.