On the day of the Hene kai Nea, I post a monthly update about things that happened on the blog and in projects and organizations related to it. I will also announce Elaion's coming PAT rituals.

Changes to the blog:
  • I'm behind on reader questions again. Sorry! I'll catch up ASAP!
  • I've been going through my tags in the right hand menu and weeding out weird and disused ones, making it easier to search my blog.
PAT rituals for Thargelion:
  • 5/1 - Thargelion 4 - Sacrifice to Leto, Pythian Apollon, Zeus, Hermes & Dioskuri at Erkhia
  • 5/3 & 5/4 - Thargelion 6 & 7 - Thargelia - birthday of Apollon and Artemis
  • 5/13 - Thargelion 16 - Sacrifice to Zeus Epakrios at Erkhia
  • 5/16 - Thargelion 19 - Bendideia - festival in honor of Thracian Goddess Bendis
  • 5/16 - Thargelion 19 - Sacrifice to Menedeius at Erkhia
  • 5/22 - Thargelion 25 - Kallunteria & Plynteria - festival of washing, where the statue of Athena was removed from the city of Athens to be cleaned. Auspicious day.
Anything else?
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