I love to hike. I love to walk, period. It's meditative for me. After a long day behind the computer, walking an hour or two is my favorite way to unwind. I would love to hike in Greece--many of the ancient monuments can be reached by convenient tourist-friendly roads, but there are hiking paths to a lot of them as well. It's one of my goals--a hiking vacation in Greece. Until then, I'm afraid locations like Mount Olympos are out of reach for me--or so I thought! Then innovation happened in the form of Google Trekker.

Google’s Trekker allows people to feel as though they are actually walking on two of Mount Olympus’s most popular paths, Gortsia and Prionia. The rare images were recorded collated by hooking 15 HD cameras onto a backpack giving a 360 degree panoramic views of the breathtaking scenery. The footage has been embedded into Google Map’s street view. Click on the image below and hike on the mountain where the Gods dwelled.