It can't have escaped your notice that we have more children to mourn. I won't go into the politics of it, or put up another rant about gun control (but dear Gods, do I want to!). There is a group of high schoolers doing a very good and loud job at that. I am also not going to put up prayers and wishes. The time for prayers and wishes has long past. Did you know that in the US, six times as many children have died from gunshots since 9/11 than we lost adults on that day? Let that sink in.

I am going to leave you with this powerful quote that shows that children were victims long before the US even existed as a nation, but only to illustrate that we have left many practices in the past and this should definitely be one of them.

“And there in Mycalessus was a great disturbance and every kind of ruin took root. [The Thracians] even attacked a school for children which was the largest in the region, when the children had just entered, and they cut down all of them. No greater suffering affected the whole state than this; it was terrible and unexpected more than any other.” [Thucydides 7.29-30]