One of the most magnificent monuments of nature, the “Theogefyro” natural bridge in Epirus, has collapsed. Area residents saw the fallen bridge and called the pertinent authorities. The fall of the natural bridge is attributed to the heavy rainfall over the last few days.

Thousands of years ago the Thyamis (or Kalamas) river flowed at a higher altitude than that nowadays. Inbetween in the hills of Mpakis and Anilioy it met resistance. The rock tried to resist, but in vain. Its wild impetuous waters achieved to find an exit in the precarious obstacle that the rock created and then opened a passage under it, creating a natural bridge. For many years, people used this natural passage and they named it "theogefyro," God-made bridge (Theos = God and Gefyra = Bridge in Greek) It used to be 45 meters long, 3-4 meters wide and 20 meters above the river.

The president of the nearby Litino village Panagiotis Katsoulis told ERT radio that there were no signs that the bridge would collapse. Now, he said, the disaster is complete and the nearby chapel is in danger as well.

As far as I know, there are no ancient tales about the site, but the water took many years to carve its path. There is a good chance the process started when the ancient Hellenes who honored the ancient Gods lived by the river. Even if they didn't, it's a huge loss and I wanted to commemorate it's destruction.

This is what it used to look like: