It can't have escaped anyone's notice: we're in the graps of the COVID-16 (Corona) virus. Around the globe, people have been asked to stay inside and public spaces are closing. I sure hope you weren't planning a trip to Greece one of these days, but if you were still going to, here is another good reason to cancel (beside the obvious): Greece will close all its museums and archaeological sites, including the entire Acropolis, until the end of the month due to the impact of the coronavirus.

Greece, with 117 confirmed cases and one fatality by late Thursday, has also canceled public gatherings and shut down schools, theaters, cinemas and gyms. Concern over the disease has prompted travel restrictions across the globe and has already hurt tourism, an important part of the economy in Greece, which attracted more than 33 million visitors last year. The ruins atop the Acropolis in Athens are among the most visited tourist sites in the world.

Tourist industry officials have said bookings for holiday resorts have declined sharply and occupancy rates in Athens have nosedived to about 10% from 60% and 70% in the same period last year.

Separately, the Hellenic Olympic Committee on Friday decided to suspend the remainder of the Olympic Torch relay through the country to avoid attracting crowds because of the coronavirus.