I'm assuming you're self-isolating as much as possible and that means virtual entertainment! Why not spend some time learning about ancient Hellas by visiting some sites and museums without risks to your health?

Acropolis Virtual Tour
Haven't been to the Acropolis yet? Couldn't see it because of all the tourists? Why not have a look online?

Benaki Museum of Greek Civilization
Not exactly a tour but still lots of beautiful pieces on display.

Museum of Cycladic Art
Same story.

Museum of Modern Greek Culture
They cover ancient life too, but it's also fun to get a different perspective. Enjoy!

Pergamon Museum
The Pergamon is one of Germany’s largest museums and it’s home for the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and the Greek Pergamon Altar.

The ancient temples of Sicily's Valle Dei Templi
Embark on a magical journey through the temple of Juno, the temple of Zeus and an early Christian necropolis.

The British Museum
Not without controversy, of course, but the British Museum definitely has a large section on ancient Hellas!

If you know of any more, leave them in the comments!