Yesterday, my father came to visit. He brought with him digitalized images from my youth, amongst which were several images of my vacations to Greece. I visited the country in 1995 and 1998, when I was ten and thirteen, respectively. While the storm dies down over yesterday's post--and because I am very happy these pictures found their way back into my life--I'm sharing a few choice shots of mini-me with some highlights of the trips.

Mini-me in front of the Parthenon (Athens, 1995)

Beautiful Athens, with its temples and statue of Athena (1995)

Mini-me with a member of the presidential guard (who is not allowed to move and of whom everyone who has ever visited Athens has a picture like this) (1995)

A wonderful and kind Orthodox priest who watched over a tiny temple way on top of a hill on the island of Crete. I remember this place--and him--vividly. I was very impressed by the way we were made to wear the robes you see hanging before we were allowed to enter and the sober sanctuary itself. We stayed for hours, although we were originally headed somewhere else. He had a donkey that I fed and he also tended to a field of olive trees. It was so hot that even the priest wished he could wear shorts. (Crete, 1995)

I don't remember, exactly, where this was, but it must have been somewhere around Thessaloniki. I remember this village having a square with a very old, very big, tree that you could stand in, because it was somewhat hollowed out. (1998)

A tiny fishing village around Thessaloniki. Watching a chef kill and clean a freshly caught squid in the warm afternoon sun. (1998)

A beach on that same vacation, driving my mother nuts by jumping the rocks. (1998)

I want to go back so badly. I was too small to really appreciate what I saw and experienced. I have incredibly fond memories of it all, and I saw so very much--most of which I still remember--but I would have such a different perspective these days. I would go for such different reasons and with so much more knowledge. It's impossible not to long for another chance to connect with the Theoi. So, one day, I will go back and visit the country properly, as a Hellenist, visiting the country of my Gods. May Zeus grant clear skies as I fly.