So, my girlfriend found 'Ulysses the concert' on Spotify yesterday. It's an 80's rock concert that I haven't ever heard of, but the lead is sung by the same guy who played Jesus in 'Jesus Christ Super Star', which--somehow--makes this all the more awesome. It's based on the 1918 book by James Joyce named 'Ulysses', based on Odysseus' epic journey homewards from Troy. For those of you who have spotify, enjoy the whole concert, for those who just have an internet connection, here's a sample:

Another thing that exists and I was completely unaware of is the Canadian animated series 'Class of the Titans'. The setting is as follows:

"After the feared Titan of time Kronus escapes from Tartarus' prison, after thousands of years of imprisonment, when the planets aligned on New Year's Eve, seven teenagers must fulfill an ancient prophecy that says they will defeat Kronus once and for all. The teenagers are: Jay (descendent of Jason), Atlanta (descendent of Artemis), Herry (descendent of Herakles), Archie (descendent of Achilles), Theresa (descendent of Theseus), Odie (descendent Odysseus) and Neil (descendent of Narcissus)."

Seeing as I grew up on TV-shows like this, I will be watching all of it, as faulty as the mythology might be. Two episodes in, I'm loving the modern versions of the ancient Hellenic Gods far more than I think I'm allowed to. Specifically, watch Persephone's introduction in part one of episode two.

If all this awesomeness is out there, what else have I missed? Anyone care to enlighten me?