I've been having a few rough days. Nothing major, but I'm still dealing with the fallout of being granted my prayers a few weeks ago, and yesterday, I took a pretty rough fall with my bike on an icy road. Nothing broken, just a big bruise on my hip and a lot of stiffness in my leg. Enough to take a day off from blogging. Instead, I'm going to play a game, sleep, and read. I will be back tomorrow.

Until then, here is a lovely video of a hymn to Athena. Khére Athena!

Pallas Athena, Goddess of learning and strength,
We come to you to worship you, dread goddess.
Bless us we pray; give us wisdom.
Be with us always, Blessed goddess, hear!
Sanctify our lanterns now, to shine forever clearly,
Lighting the way, making bright the dark.