I'm not exactly sure how long this has been active, but I think it's a crime I was not informed. Alright, not really, but this virtual tour of the Acropolis is absolutely epic.

I have mentioned before that I was a very little girl when I visited Athens with my parents. I have been longing to go back and walk the roads with the knowledge I have now, to experience the remainders of the temples with the emotional connection I have now. Unfortunately, money is a big issue at the present time, so that's not going to happen any time soon. For people like me (and anyone else), the Acropolis Restoration Service took this initiative. In their own words (under 'contributors'):
"The decision to adopt "state of the art" technological solutions to "bring online" the entirety of the Acropolis is not merely a statement for the preservation work undertaken by the institution, but also a great contribution to the institution's mission to promote access to cultural heritage. Enhanced visual access may be used as an inspiration for interested parties and potential visitors, but also as a scientific or educational tool to enable research in various disciplines, as well as an incentive for institutional or business collaboration towards further goals."
The application was created by orbitlab, a multidisciplinary team that provides interactive media and tools for the cultural heritage domain. The Virtual Tour of the Acropolis:
"...is an interactive website that allows various aspects of the historical site to be explored in a unique way. It consists of high-resolution gigapixel images and panoramas of the four main monuments - the Parthenon, the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike - as well as a detailed photographic representation of the inner and outer ancient walls surrounding the hill, all accompanied by historical information and a descriptive map. The images offer a full zoom in towards details of the moments otherwise difficult to reach, an overview of the location of the monument with respect to its surroundings, or even a virtual "walk" through the site. The user is given the opportunity to exploit task-specific applications or create more personalized approaches, being in overall immersed into a virtual visit of the Acropolis."
I will be spending some very pleasant time on this website, dreaming of walking these stones myself one day, if the Theoi allow it. I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I will.