Remember when I showed you guys the trailer for 'Oh My Gods!', a documentary with a clear premise: spent 24 hours with members of YSEE and observe their rituals? They were invited to talk with members and try to understand why anyone would follow the Hellenic Gods--especially in a country where they are continually judged and persecuted by devout Christians who greatly disapprove of the practice of Hellenismos. Recently, the short but very interesting documentary was released, and you can watch it here.

All in all, I really like how the documentary turned out, and seeing the ritual was beautiful. I love seeing people practice my faith--our faith--with this much enthusiasm and devotion. It's inspiring. Listening to the commentary was a little bit too much like watching a nature documentary ("Watch how the lioness stalks her prey, ready to pounce if it makes even the slightest mistake"), but I forgive Anastasia Moumtzaki and her team from; Moumtzaki was obviously out of her comfort zone, but even she could see the beauty in the rite being performed.

I also appreciate that there was time to integrate YSEE's plight for governmental recognition; this is an important issue and the more people who hear of it, the better. Personally, I am not a great fan of drawing religion into politics (or vise versa), but in Greece, the political and economic climate is such that it seeps into anything at this point, and I can't really fault YSEE for pointing fingers. Everyone is pointing fingers. Also: I would sacrifice a lot to get fifteen minutes in that tourist shop at the end of the documentary!

So, what do you think of Oh My Gods? Are you happy with how it turned out? How did it compare to 'I Still Worship Zeus'?