I am currently completely swamped with work and writing press releases and rapports has sapped me of all my writing juices. I need a day off to recover a little, so with your permission I am going to leave you with a compilation of all the videos I have ever done on Hellenismos and a request: If you have a topic you would like me to do a video on--something that lends itself better for a video than a written post--please let me know? I would love to do another video but I have zero ideas. Thank you!

How to prepare khernips
A short video on how to make khernips, the lustral water used to cleanse yourself with in Hellenismos.
More information: khernips

How to pour libations
A short video on how to offer libations, in this case, a sponde.
More information: sponde

How to make a kathiskos
A short video on how to prepare a kathiskos, the small jar filled with foodstuffs which is stored from the Noumenia (first day of the lunar month) until the Deipnon (last day of the lunar month) in a shrine to Zeus Kthesios.
More information: how to prepare a kathiskos

Making Manna
A short video on how I make manna, one of the prescribed incenses in the Orphic hymns.
More information: making manna

My Altar Space (requested)
A requested video about my altar space.
More information: my altar space

Ancient Hellenic clothing
A relatively lengthy video on hellenic clothing and how to pin the right look.
More information: ancient Hellenic clothing

Noumenia Ritual
This is a video with some highlights of a Noumenia ritual I did. My apologies for the sound issues--especially during the sacrifice to Artemis--it was supposed to be 16 degrees Celsius and suddenly my camera was out in 26 degree weather, full in the sun. Apparently, it will turn you into a smurf on speed when it overheats.
More information: Noumenia ritual